Open lectern 2016


Open Lectern is a creative laboratory for exchanging ideas, a local platform for the dialogue between artists and public in the form of a multi-aspect communication: public lectures and presentations.

Being aware of the fact that there is no modern art education in Ivano-Frankivsk, we are encouraged to create diverse events related to contemporary art and visual art history to provide all-round development of the city residents and greater understanding of art-related processes.

Our events mostly follow a free dialogue format, as it helps listeners to find answers to the questions they are interested in.

During 2016, 9 similar events took place:

  1. Melancholia of Microutopia, lecture on the 20th-century art, lecturer — Oleksandr Sushynskyi
  2. From Dada to Samborskyi, lecturer — Anatolii Zvizhynskyi, director of the Contemporary Art Centre
  3. Algorithm of Work on a Design Project, lecturers — founders of Dvoika design studio
  4. Oh, Brave New Contemporary World: What and Who is Art Necessary for Today? Lecture-discussion, lecturer — Daria Koltsova
  5. Lecture on French surrealism, lecturer — Oscar Shtertser
  6. From Subculture Collective Practice to Visual Mass Industry. World. Europe. Ukraine
  7. Public meeting with Polish artist Sławomir ZBIOK Czajkowski
  8. Ivano-Frankivsk Mural Bicycle tour organized by the Next Project program coordinator Roman Malynovskyi
  9. Public Space Transformation, lecturer — Zhenia Moliar

In addition to these meetings, Oleksandr Sushynskyi, curator and event planner of Aesthetic Research Laboratory, curator of many cultural events in Kyiv, Lviv, Donetsk and Chernivtsi, gave a course of 14 lectures on late 20th and early 21st century art.

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