Urban Space Radio

In progress

Urban Space Radio a mass media that brings change to our cities. A project of Teple Misto platform, this new and unique experience in the Ukrainian media field is integrated into the Urban Space public restaurants — it is an online radio that brings together interesting and useful initiatives and contributes to the changes in urban environments.

Mission. Involving proactive citizens in social transformation to develop urban culture in the Ukrainian cities through broadcasting of interesting thematic programmes and contemporary music.



Roles. Drawing the audience’s attention to the hot-button issues in the development of our cities; informing the public about active public environments and initiatives; Ukrainian alternative music distribution; experience-sharing and interaction with the independent Ukrainian media environment.

Our first radio studio is located in a public restaurant — 
Urban Space 100. This project is an example of a successful social enterprise in the restaurant format. It has 100 founders and 80 % of its profit is donated to public city development projects.



Musical and program concept. Urban Space Radio broadcasts exclusively self-produced programmes. On air, we discuss not the problems per se but the possibilities and ways of solving them. We cover the following topics: city culture development, urban processes, contemporary art, creative business, progressive education, and alternative Ukrainian music. Radio guests are hands-on experts, i. e. people who change their cities and their culture now: representatives of public initiatives, urbanists and architects, art curators and cultural managers. You can access recordings of live broadcasts for free here: podcast service.



On Urban Space Radio, Ukrainian indie and alternative music is rotated — it perfectly reflects the rhythm of life and changes in our cities and their active urban environments. To understand whether the work of our musicians is competitive in the global context, we add some world music content. Our hosts discuss therelevance of our artists’ music in their programmes too.

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