Publishing House Public Space

In progress

The idea of creating a public space in front of the publishing house was born, as the community members were dissatisfied with the condition of the public area in front of the abandoned publishing house in the centre of Ivano-Frankivsk (78 Sichovi Striltsi Street).
Spontaneous parking, scattered litter, neglected green area, lack of recreational zones for people of different age groups are the existing problems of this area.

The project goal is to mould the surrounding territory of the publishing house into the attractive and comfortable place for people.
There are several stages of the project realization:
1 — development of public space concept (realized in July 2016);
2 — preparation of architectural design of the mini-park (February 2017);
3 — realization of the project on the territory in front of the publishing house (realization period — 2017–2018).

First of all, the city’s initiative group (Uliana Fedyk and Roman Rudyi) together with Teple Misto Platform organized a hackathon to work out the ideas of the territory development and continued the territory activation by using simple examples of tactical urbanism — the installation of street furniture.

The following stage to develop the public space concept was organization of Pavilion78 Architectural Residence which united the community, local authorities, professional lecturers and participating architects to solve the area problem together.
The residence took place in July 2016 in a special pavilion in front of the publishing house. 10 architects and urbanists from Ivano-Frankivsk and other cities of Ukraine participated in it.
The outcome of their work was the concept of public space in front of the publishing house.

Currently, the concept is being used to prepare the architectural design, which will be the basis for the creation of a modern public space in front of the publishing house.
After the concept development and the project start, we got to know that the ground floor of the publishing house had been rented by a supermarket chain, and they planned to build a parking lot in front of the building.
After lengthy tripartite negotiations, the community, the Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk and the management of the supermarket chain signed a memorandum of the joint realization of the Public Space in front of the Publishing House upgrading project. According to the memorandum, the supermarket is allowed to organize a temporary parking lot in the area in front of the publishing house up to 21.04.2017; thereafter, the reorganization of the territory into a comfortable public space will begin.

It is the first (pilot) project provided for implementation of urban space social initiatives called “from the bottom to the top”.
It is realized by the city community together with Teple Misto Platform and supported by the Executive Committee of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, Lviv Workshop, the Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), Comixans, Kuhnia Restaurant, 23 Restaurants, Sunlight, Pylypets Bikepark, Western Framing Construction Company, Ivano-Frankivsk AvtoDor and a number of other donors.

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