Next Project


Next Project is the cultural and artistic program of the Teple Misto Platform focused on the contemporary visual art.

The project aim is developing the artistic environment, promoting the foundation of new art associations and facilitating the artistic processes in the city.

The program projects include Art Residence, Open Art Lectures and Lectures on the "History of Art in the 20th  early 21st centuries".

Art Residence arranges invitations for artists from other cities and countries for temporary residence in Ivano-Frankivsk, where, after viewing the city sights, every artist is supposed to create an art object. Art Residence in Ivano-Frankivsk is intended to introduce contemporary art trends and create opportunities for an open dialogue between national and international artists.

The residents included Pawel Althamer (Poland), Jorge Pomar (Argentina), Sławek Czajkowski (Poland), Serhii Radkevich (Ukraine).

Open Art Lectures is a creative laboratory for ideas and a local platform for a dialogue between artists and the public through multi-communication (public lectures, exhibitions, presentations).
It is a meeting place where artists representing different genres of contemporary art can exchange ideas and work out joint projects.

"A History of Art in the 20th  early 21st centuries " (curator – Oleksandr Sushynskyi) is a series of 20 lectures on different subjects that include reading important philosophical and artistic writings and video viewings.

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