Art Residence: Jorge Pomar


From 17th to 23rd August 2015, the second session of Art Residence was held in Ivano-Frankivsk. It was organized by Frankivsk Street Painting project within the framework of Teple Misto initiatives, featuring Jorge Pomar, a graffiti artist from Argentina.

Jorge Pomar is better known as AMOR (Spanish for “love”). He works on such global and universal themes as business in the war and vexillology, in various disciplines (painting, ceramics, photography, video, printing). In his view, love is the main thing we should develop. In the early 2000s, Jorge started painting graffiti and murals, which gave him a chance to travel around the world and helped him to assert himself as an artist. He created murals and had exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden and the USA.

AMOR refers to the themes of the world geopolitical games. His subjects are a struggle for natural resources, countries’ foreign policy, activities of transnational corporations. Pomar’s works call for the social consciousness, trying to wake it up.

In a week, AMOR created two works in the public spaces: in the yard of a residential building at 2/2 Kurinnyi Chornota Street and on the premises of the children’s hospital at 44 Chornovil Street.

A series of murals created in the city reflect the artist’s ideas of Ukrainian present time. The images at Kurinnyi Chornota Street are cross-sections of our society created by a foreign observer, and the images on the walls of the children’s hospital are plants and animals through the artist’s prism of perception and style, which are easily understandable for children.

Video report on the work of Jorge Pomar in Ivano-Frankivsk:

Technical support — JSC Prykarpattiaoblenergo.

The project was financed by a grant from Urban Space 100 social restaurant.

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