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The aim of Sustainable Mobility program is to ensure free, secure, environmentally safe and constant movement across the city for all population groups. The program relevance is connected with such a problem of modern cites as the irrational and spontaneous use of private vehicles, which pollute the environment, congest the urban space, especially the city centre, causing traffic breakdowns and road accidents, etc.

The program of Teple Misto Platform will mould Ivano-Frankivsk into a people-oriented city. This could be done through the development of constant mobility in the city, building the right vertical structure providing the appropriate positioning of traffic participants: people with limited mobility, pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and private cars. A new model development is realized through a series of actions:

- analysis of the cycling infrastructure
- educational approach
- events
- infrastructure solutions.

These actions involve such concerned parties as city dwellers, businesses, public organizations, specialized authorities. An effective communication tool is to speak about practical experience and specific examples in order to explain to the city residents how they should combine different means of transportation in everyday life and select the most appropriate ones taking into consideration their current needs, making a greater emphasis on walking, cycling, and public transport. One of the program key concepts is to promote cycling: establishing bicycle parking lots, organizing bike schools where every citizen of Ivano-Frankivsk is able to correctly and safely ride a bicycle, forums where cycling activists from different cities of Ukraine share their experience.

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