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MetaLab is a platform for the development of the city spaces in which we live. It is at the same time a community that is united by interest in the city's life, a desire to learn and improve the urban environment, and a physical platform for communication, urban studies and events.

MetaLab is a project within the Urban direction of the "Teplie Misto" platform. Physically, MetaLab is located on “Promprylad.Renovation” (23Zh Sakharova St., third floor), it is one of the operators of the “Promprylad Renovation” project and represents its urban function.

MetaLab has several areas of activity.

1. A public program within the framework of which the educational-cognitive component (lectures, discussions, movie shows) is implemented for the professional community (architects, urbanists, designers, artists, etc.), and informal events focused on a wide audience.

2. Urban Residence -a study of a specific urban issue/location in Ivano-Frankivsk with the participation of a Ukrainian or foreign expert. Among the goals of the residence: to conduct an analysis of the outlined theme; collect the data about local context; to involve local professional community and residents; give an independent look at the issue under study; test new tools and approaches to studying the city; to implement projects according to the themes of residences.

3. The Urbanistic Laboratory is an educational-research-design format that allows the interdisciplinary team of participants - residents of Ivano-Frankivsk - to study, together with the curators, the issues, space, etc. important for the city.

The laboratory is held every six months. It lasts for two months and consists of a series of stages: research, analysis, search for probable solutions and design, experiment, implementation of the developed solutions/projects and replication of the effective approaches. The result can be specific products (architectural, design, etc.), as well as recommendations for urban research, based on the organizational and research experience of the laboratory.

4. Urban Festival. It is called " City Scanning Session" and will be held in Ivano-Frankivsk once every two years. The event is preceded by a project work (analysis of the social and spatial environment of the city) - to identify relevant topics, locations, working formats, with which the curators and teams work directly during the festival.

The target audience of the MetaLab is both professional communities and those with experience in implementing urban projects, who seek to find like-minded people and to implement one’s ideas in Ivano-Frankivsk, as well as those who want to learn more about their city's life and environment and are interested in  relevant urban processes in the world.


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