Pavilion 78 Architectural Residence


The architectural residence took place within Publishing House Public Space project in July 2016.
The residence goal was to develop the concept of a modern and comfortable public space in front of the publishing house in the city centre (78 Sichovi Striltsi Street).

The residence lasted from 12th to 22nd July 2016 in a special pavilion constructed in front of the publishing house. 10 architects and urbanists from Ivano-Frankivsk and other cities of Ukraine — Anna Pashynska, Anton Sukhar, Volodymyr Didiuk, Dana Antonyshyn, Denys Kozak, Liudmyla Andreiv, Mariia Tselik, Margaryta Didichenko, Marta Hladka, Nazar Tushynskyi, Yuliia Zinovieva — participated in the residence.
The residence curator was Yaroslav Yakovlev, architect and urbanist from Kharkiv, co-founder of Comixans’ project called Franek, Dobryi Ranek (Good Morning, Frankivsk.)

The architectural residence united the community, local authorities, businesses, experts and participating architects to jointly solve the problem.
The format of the residence engaged lecturers into the process of creating the new space. The range of lectures was wide: from participatory practices to tactical urbanism and the development history of the area in front of the publishing house in the broad urban context.

The project was divided into three stages: historical and social research, spatial research, and the creation of the public space concept. The three stages included the changes of the area in front of the publishing house during different stages of the city development. The analysis of the social profile of this place determined the main user groups and enabled us to understand the structure of the processes happening here. Resting on the first two phases, the residents have developed a concept which takes into account the historical peculiarities of the publishing house and the needs of people who use this area.

It is important that during all the research stages the residents communicated with the dwellers of houses and owners of businesses located nearby. City dwellers actively expressed their wishes as for the territory development and took part in discussions.

The concept of the public space in front of the publishing house.

While developing the concept, the participants tried to answer two questions: “How does the space relate to the city?” and “How does the space relate to the publishing house?” Therefore, the beginning of the public space reorganization could be the redirected pedestrian route from a part of Nezalezhnist Street to Sichovi Striltsi Street and creating some more green zones. It will help to expand the city centre in the future. Another solution suggested combining the publishing house and the adjoining area. This could be done if we combine the hypothetical internal functions of the art space in the building with the new public space content.

The architects have offered various elements that will add some mobility to the area and will change it according to the time of day or season. They are as follows: a terrace for recreation and watching movies, a children’s playground, a roofed area that will serve as a bus stop and a shelter against the rain and sun. Other mini-park objects are water constructions, green zones, bicycle parking lots, posts limiting spontaneous parking.

In addition to the residence, Pavilion78 included various events: presentations, discussions, workshops, art picnics, acoustic concerts, film screenings and others. A covered pavilion construction is used to create an area for the citizens, which can serve as a platform for summer events. As a construction, Pavilion78 will migrate across Ivano-Frankivsk to satisfy the residents’ needs and will be installed in locations that require special attention and various parties’ involvement in the problems of the city.
The pavilion is supervised by Teple Misto Platform. If you need to use it, please contact us by e-mail.

The project of the architectural residence is carried out by Teple Misto Platform and supported by the Executive Committee of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, Comixans, Kuhnia Restaurant, 23 Restaurants, Sunlight, Pylypets Bikepark, Western Framing Construction Company, Ivano-Frankivsk AvtoDor and a number of other donors. Pavilion78 was created with the grant support of the Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and Lviv Workshop.

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