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Business Signboards

Our goal – is an aesthetically attractive, beautiful and modern city with its own identity.

Nowadays the historic downtown facades, architectural ensembles and monuments are hidden behind the bright and inappropriate advertising.

According to our understanding, the buildings facades are the priority. Signboard is a wayfinding and identification element in urban environmental. It gives information about organization or business located in building. Signboard may consists of one or few elements. Information on boards must be unique.

The main goal of the program – forming correct perception of signboard, as part of the facades.

What rules are guided by designers, while designing visual proposals of signboards
Primarily – the compliance with rules of Ivano-Frankivsk City Identity in terms of architectural and artistic conception appearance of streets. The rules were developed by the agency AIMBULANCE based on the examples of Western Europe, and meet Municipal Regulations on the placement of signboards in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The second principle – preservation of the authentic look of the buildings due to their architectural features. If the building is an architectural monument, then, in addition to signboards setting rules, there are principles of the Venice Charter for the Protection and Restoration of Monuments and Sites.

The third principle is UX (user experience). Particular features of buildings must be considered in the signboard design process, namely visual angle and distance for an observer. Analyzing the data, we develop an offer which enriches readability and ensures fulfilment of the essential signboard functions – giving information and navigation. Still, the offer should underline features of buildings.

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