The Winners of City Grants Program spring wave

19 projects in 7 areas had been competing for financing within spring wave of the City Grants Program.

9 projects were included in a shortlist. The total budget of this tender was 60 000 UAH.

Though this tender aimed at four winners with grant budget of 15 000 UAH, however, five of those are winning this one for the 4th time. 

1) Boccia on Wheels – 15 000 UAH (“Boccia in Stanislaviv” spearhead group, “SLID” (“Trace”) non-governmental organization)
Boccia is an unique ball sport, included in the Paralypic Games program, where people with all kind of physical capacities can be engaged at the same time. The project is based on building of a boccia team, rent of the premises and organization of boccia game training in Ivano-Frankivsk. This one will allow people with special needs to do sport, develop oneself, set and pursue the goal. Although, project open up an opportunity to enter different boccia game competition both at the provincial, federal or country levels and abroad.

2) Library virtual environment – 14 810 UAH
(Ivano-Frankivs’k municipal centralized library system)
The project aims at introduction of modern and alternative training method by means of virtual and augmented reality, attention gaining, emotion impressing and raising children awareness of libraries and book reading. Children will not just study history, but they can be a  part of it and be in the role of historic person. After they will read about archeology, they can practice virtual excavations. Also children will be able virtually travel worldwide using educational projects powered by “Google Expedition Project”.

3) Window to the World – 15 000 UAH (“White Cane” non-governmental organization of women and girls with disabilities)
Within the project it is planned to teach blind and visually challenged people of computer literacy by using customized audio software. Once they learn how to work with PC using special voice synthesizer, visually impaired people will be able independently read literature, write texts, scan documents, communicate via Internet, receive and share information.

4) Development of second and third parts of “Easy Histology” MOOC (massive open online course) – 10 460 UAH (“Easy Histology Club” public initiative)
Development of powerful and motivating method of online-training “Histology, Cell Biology and Embryology” as the discipline for students and junior physician of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University and other medical universities of Ukraine.

5) Bicycle Day 2017 – 4730 UAH (“Cyclostalker” cycling club)
It stands for arranging a bicycle day in Ivano-Frankivsk, the aim of which is to promote outdoor activity and healthy lifestyles, popularization of bicycle as an alternative, sustainable and safe type of public transport and skill in handling a bicycle.

The winners were set by expert jury of City Grants spring tender, composed of :
1.    Artur Prokipchuk – vice-manager of Department of city planning, architecture and cultural heritage;
2.    Yurii Khmel’ – entrepreneur, co-founder of “Yukhani” LLC and sales manager of “Uteam” LLC;
3.    Ivan Diachyshyn – co-founder of Ivano-Frankivs’k IT cluster and co-organizer of “IT Rally”, “StartUp Camp” and “Design Village” conferences;
4.    Jean Pobe – cultural manager, founder and coordinator of DZESTRA cultural formation;
5.    Roksolana Pirus – entrepreneur, director of the enter “Cosmo Travel™” center of educational programmes and tourism, establisher of “A.L.O.E. by PiBo” showroom space;
6.    Lidiia Boichuk – winner of the 3rd wave of City Grants Program, co-organizer of “Design Village” conference.

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