Construction of a playground for volleyball and tennis at the stadium in the Opryshivtsi district

Thematic line of the project: "Hot sport"
The amount of the grant: 4 000 UAH
Winning team: PO "One for Аll"

The winner of the summer wave of the "City Grants" Program, the team of the public organization "One for All", plan to increase the interest of residents of the Oprishivtsi district to active types of sport and create appropriate conditions for games in tennis and volleyball.

Besides "City Grants", the initiators also have a support from the city administration and received co-financing for the implementation of the project in the amount of UAH 9 100.

Thanks to the initiative, the residents of the district can play sports in their leisure time without no obstacles and for free. 

The future plans of the winning team include the organization of tournaments and various sports activities on the constructed playground.


In September 2015, Teple Misto Platform founded the City Grants program to activate and strengthen initiatives, NGOs and communities, which are aimed at progressive development of the city, at implementing projects that improve quality of urban living and attracting community to take active part in the development of Ivano-Frankivsk.

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