International Tbilisi Architectural Biennale - OPEN CALL


The International Tbilisi Architectural Biennale will take place online from October 17 to November 8, 2020 in partnership with the MetaLab urban laboratory of the Teple Misto platform with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and Creative Europe.


What do we have in common?

The topic and central issue of 2020, which we propose to delve into. Once all the yards, roofs, flower beds and even the words on the walls were common.But after gaining independence, urban spaces became individualized. So, we invite you to explore what the matter of our cities has become and we are in these areas.


The COVID-19 pandemic canceled all events and in-person contacts this year, but it is important to explore what public areas will be like in the new reality.This year, the Tbilisi Architecture Biennale has moved to digital format and will take place online. All projects will exist on the site-platform 

Why this is a cool opportunity:

The Tbilisi Architecture Biennale is a recognized platform that opens up new opportunities for art projects. This is attention and discussion with current researchers from around the world.

The Joint Biennale is architectural, but not only for architects.The matter of the city, along with the buildings, is formed by institutions and even stories from locations.

So, if you are exploring life together in the city from any point of view - philosophy or linguistics, sociology, cultural management or big-date - the categories of digital projects and materials to publish for you.

Applicants in these categories have no restrictions on the specialty and format of projects, the only requirement is the ability to present embodied ideas on an online platform.

The best applications will be supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The main thing is to apply by July 31.

Detailed conditions here -відкритий_конкурс

Website-platform of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennale -

Event - Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020 / OPEN CALL.

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