City Grants - Hour of Code

Five projects become winners within the third wave of  the City Grants Program. One of them is the “Hour of Code” project. The subject matter of the project is progressive education.

“Hour Of Code” is held annually during Computer Science Education Week. Ukraine joins this event for the fourth time. In 2014, more than 600 schools and 20,000 students participated in the initiative. In 2014, 60 million students worldwide participated; during the four years of existence of the initiative, 146 million students from 180 countries have participated.

Taking place December 5-11, 2016, the project was implemented in Ivano-Frankivsk by “Ivano-Frankivsk IT cluster” NGO team.

The project goal was to introduce school students to basic programming knowledge through play, to challenge stereotypes concerning programmer jobs, and to introduce schoolchildren to professional fields related to IT systems.

Schoolchildren worked in pairs during the class – as a result, they were studying to help each other and to be less dependent on teacher. They learned that informatics is a social work and a team exercise. Besides the direct programming and coding lessons, schoolchildren had the opportunity to watch “” information videos and to hear the success stories of IT-field representatives. Ivano-Frankivsk IT cluster members answered questions and shared information about opportunities and career establishment in programming, and about employer offers in the local and global IT job markets.

In general seven schools and seven IT companies joined the project. 300 school children aged 8-15 years were involved.

Information: The City Grants Program was created in September 2015 to boost and support the initiatives, NGOs, and communities aimed at implementation of practical projects raising quality of life in the city, and involving the local community in the development of Ivano-Frankivsk.

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