Design Thinking in Business

Oleksandr Akymenko gave the workshop “Design Thinking in Business” on March 15-17th.

“In order to survive in today’s complex world, companies have to create and implement new ideas. It requires creativity and creative workers. It’s a secret sauce or, in evolutionary terms, what makes you delicious. Companies cannot compete without it,” Tim Brown CEO/IDEO.

Entrepreneurs from Ivano-Frankivsk and the region and participants of the Teple Misto business community gained practical knowledge on the innovation creation (products and services). During the three-day workshop, company executives practised the design-thinking method and solved the problem “How to improve the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Ivano-Frankivsk?”.

As a result, five teams interviewed users, conducted observations and presented their prototypes (solutions).

- Success is not determined by quality, but by meeting the real needs of a customer throughout the entire value chain. Users want the experience they want to share. Design thinking is one of the main tools in the management of the “experience economy”.

Prototyping means the product creation and testing for real users, a necessary element of design thinking.

- Try the end user experience yourself: eat what they eat, spend as much as they spend, live as they live, go where they go. Limit yourself how they do.

The Ivano-Frankivsk Business Learning Environment Development Project is being implemented in partnership with the Lviv Business School (LvBS) and with the financial support of the Government of Canada through the SME Development Assistance Fund of the International Technical Assistance Project “Partnership for Urban Development”

(PROMISE Project). The PROMISE project is being implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) with the financial support of the Ministry of International Affairs of Canada. Partnership for Urban Development Project promise/pleddg.

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