Urban Space Radio support project

In progress
бюджет проекту 165000.0 UAH
collected funds 10100.0 UAH
joined people 2

Urban Space Radio should increase the level of community involvement in the development of our cities. This will be achieved through the establishment of an independent and 100% transparent media channel. Transparency and publicity of the Radio is institutional and physical, because its glass studio is located in a public space - a social restaurant Urban Space 100 in the city center. By construction, this studio is unique and the only one in Ukraine.

This is an on-line radio. One can listen to the radio records for free on a popular podcast service. On air - a modern and high-quality Ukrainian music and own information programs about current problems of cities and ways for their solution.

On air there are programs that raise current issues and, above all, that are of interest to the audience that is eager to develop itself and the environment in which they live and communicate.
Topics to be discussed on air:
- Sustainable urban development;
- Urban space design;
- Transport mobility, infrastructure;
- Information technologies, smart cities;
- Energy efficiency, renewable energy;
- Education;
- Contemporary art;
- Development of sport;
- Cities friendly for all social groups (including children and disabled people).


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