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Promprylad is a project aimed at creating an innovation platform in a new format in Ivano-Frankivsk on the basis of the Industrial Plant Promprylad at the intersection of the following functions: new economy, contemporary art, informal education, and urbanism. As a platform for testing and spreading the expertise and high-quality practical experience among the experts, communities, and businesses, Promprylad aims to form a creative cluster and to bring the region onto the path of dynamic development.  

Project stages:

Stage І. October 2015 – August 2016
Development of the vision, the goals, and the general concept of the project through organizing a hackathon with the engagement of professionals in different spheres. Studying the global best practices of revitalizing industrial zones. Drawing up the list of partners-project organizers. Development of a project road map. These tasks are implemented.

Stage ІІ. 
August 2016 – April 2017
Research by SRI International
a) economic research of the region
b) identifying the best configuration of functions and stakeholders to create an effective eco-system
c) developing a business plan
Technical research (soil, constructions, energy audit).

February – August 2017
Pilot project launch (2,300 sq. m.) – renovating part of the plant and making it multi-functional: a co-working, a conference room, a café and shops with craft goods, an art space, an urban laboratory, a dance school, offices of innovational companies, children’s space, educational programs, etc.

Stage ІІІ. 2018 – 2020
Buying out part of the plant, renovating it and gradually filling the rest of the territories and spaces with different functions and players. A common investment model will be used engaging local residents, businesses, Ukrainian and international foundations, and investors.  
Project partners: Teple Misto, NGO Insha Osvita, NGO Garage Gang, NGO СANactions, NGO MitOst, UBDP. Success stories of these organizations, their synergy and commitment to the project are an important precondition for its realization.

One of the vital issues for Promprylad is the urgent need for reinterpretation and innovative and rational use of (post)industrial areas that have lost their economic role, and also for creation of quality communication space for the growing local communities (due to internal migration in Ukraine) and active social categories (artists, activists, social entrepreneurs).

The project of revitalizing industrial area is the ideological continuation of the public restaurant Urban Space 100 experience, which set a good example that consolidation of community, businesses and civil society efforts gives a real and constant synergetic effect facilitating the society transformations.

Potential impact of the project on local and regional development:  

1. positive changes in the economic growth and strengthening of the economic configuration of the trans-border region to enhance the creative cluster and give rise to new powerful economic players;  
2. balancing institutional impact in the triangle “business-administration-civil society”;
3. changing the negative migration dynamics and attracting highly qualified experts to the city and the region;   
4. developing a scalable prototype for other territories.

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